Chandler livestock products are designed to improve the efficiency of animal production. The product ingredients are natural, and the Chandler Biobase Rumen and Biocat 3000 are non-toxic when used as recommended.

Chandler Biobase Rumen is a liquid enzyme-based feed additive that increases the colonies of beneficial microbes in the rumen. Biobase Rumen improves feeding efficiency, increases daily rate of gain, and reduces time on feed for beef catte and other meat animals. Also, dairy cattle fed Biobase Rumen produce more milk.

Chandler Biocat 3000 is a liquid enzyme-based treatment that multiplies the beneficial microbes that break down animal waste. Biocat 3000 reduces accumulated solids that build up in confinement pits, lagoons, and other manure storage facilities. As well, animal wastes that are more completely decomposed generate less odor.