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Value of additional residue decayed with Biocat 1000

Value of residue decay

This paper reports results from three on-farm trials conducted with Chandler Biocat 1000. The comparisons are based on Solvita soil health tests and standard soil tests. We compare plots treated with the recommended rate of Biocat 1000 and side-by-side untreated plots. In summary, the product increases microbial activity and available nutrients within five weeks after application. Also, the value of additional nutrients recycled equals about $60 per acre by the end of the next crop season.

Three-year study of Chandler products on soil health

Three-year soil study

We evaluate the impact of Chandler Biocat 1000 and Soil on a heavily compacted farm field. We measure the product impacts by using Solvita soil health tests, standard soil tests, and soil penetrometer readings. By the third year, excess magnesium declined and the available amount of all other soil nutrients increased. Also, the average soil penetrometer reading increased from 4 inches to 27 inches. So, the soil compaction problem was largely resolved in three years.